Storage Solutions for Different Personality Types

By Amanda Gentry

Designating a spot for everything in your office/home is one of the easiest, quickest and most effective methods for keeping things organized on a regular basis. Half of the effort of cleaning your space is having to think about where to put the items that are laying around. When you spend time thinking about those items (and trying to classify them on an arbitrary system), you start to dredge up all the thoughts associated with those items. In the same way that many hoarders have an attachment to seemingly useless items, the thoughts in your head quickly become dense and overwhelming. It becomes easier to leave items where they lay, than try to address what they mean to you (let alone where to put them).

By designating homes for these items, you can preserve your need to keep the emotional connection but at the same time create a space for those items to neatly and safely be put away when your office/home needs to be cleaned.

The type of space you designate for your items is strongly dependent on your personality. If you enjoy lining your pens and pencils up in order of size and color, you will categorize items into different spaces than a person that organizes pens by shape and feel.

The type of space you designate for your items is strongly dependent on your personality.

The Utilitarian

 This type of individual likes form and function over people pleasing. They are strategic thinkers that like to work independently. Oftentimes they are very determined, like to use their imagination, and have a strong interest in science and technology. This type of person could go either way in terms of organization. From a utilitarian perspective, having a pre-made ready to go, but very functional organizing system might be the best option if they are too wrapped up in their intellectual pursuits to have time to build and test a customized system. For an office setting, having a system that includes premade labels, distinct spots for things like loose paper and folders, and a section with distinct spots for pens, pencils, sticky notes and tape would be the way to go. At home, purchasing a desk that has a variety of drawers and enough working space to place a few essential supplies is a quick, convenient and effective way of organizing a space. Alternatively, a person in this category might excel in building their own organization system that is uniquely functional for them. Building a system to meet your needs is a great way to keep important thoughts at the forefront.

In an office, if you have an important weekly report due that summarizes production and activity, put something together that helps you collect those thoughts as they happen. An example might be a white board that you can use to track upcoming or completed tasks, and below that you can attach some wall mounted file holders to hold the documents related to your activities for the week (image of whiteboard and file holders). Being an intellectual person, you might also be interested in technology to help keep you organized. Several apps have been designed to keep you organized while letting your creative juices flow (such as Evernote).

Storage solutions for the Utilitarian:

Solutions that work for a Utilitarian personality should be fun and functional! It is important to use technology to your advantage. DIY style storage is the best way to meet all these needs, either something that you have time to create, or a personal solution that others have put together that will work for your personal needs.

You can stay on top of piles of documents with the use of an easy to use portable scanner.

This DIY project for upcycled hanging storage bins is a creative way to make a home for nick knacks.

Building rolling storage to fit under furniture is a functional storage solution that you can customize for any room in your house

Having multi-use furniture pieces is another fun and functional way to get storage into your home/office. This storage ottoman is sure to help you get organized!


Everything should be within reach for the free-thinkers. They excel in thinking on their feet and generally know a little about most everything. Their diverse experience means they know many ways to do different things, so they can relate easily to others. For them to be organized, they need to have a plethora of tools that are on-hand and easy to access at any given time. Knowing this, it is important to have multi-functioning tools so you are not bogged down with pockets full of stuff. Having technology that syncs with multiple devices is a powerful tool for free-thinkers. Having a phone that can pull up documents from your computer, or that takes your work calendar and combines it with your personal calendar goes a long way to helping you make scheduling or deadline decisions on the fly with confidence and accuracy (link to an article about google calendar, or another calendar app).

Storage solutions for Free Thinkers

These are limited only by your own imagination. The more creative you can be, the better!

Try finding or creating things that show your personality, like this painted cork board!

Making your own storage is also a great way to go! Here are instructions to make your own rope storage basket.

The Idealist

Organization usually comes naturally to this group. Having order makes it easy and enjoyable to work hard and excel. If chaos ever enters into a guardian’s life, first and foremost, take a breath, then, always remember that chaos can always be organized (every once in a while it might take a little extra time and patience). In this category, it is important to find a system that you are completely comfortable with, and have memorized. If you like having your files organized in color coded binders, embrace that idea with every challenge. If important documents are placed in a red folder, then if something new comes up that is important (like a new task at work that feels clunky and cumbersome), somehow incorporate that familiar red color into it, such as color coding it red in your calendar, or making sure to wear red on the day you need to perform the task. By keeping with a system you are comfortable and familiar with, it is easier to take seemingly random chaos and tackle it with confidence.

The Idealist has a very particular preference when it comes to organizing. It is important to you that clutter is kept out of sight, and that any storage solution is both functional, and visually appealing.

Storage Solutions for the Idealist

This storage bench provides a convenient seating area, while providing ample storage at the same time.

For a quick and effective Idealist storage solution, this soft sided bin storage unit can be customized to each room by purchasing matching colored bins.

Having a multi-shelved cabinet can be an easy way to create homes for items that you use on a regular basis.

The Socialite

These people like to be social, friendly and like to work with others. As a result, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused. Having a good organizing system is very important for these individuals if they have problems staying on task. The beauty for the people person is there are SO MANY unique, creative and colorful organizing systems out there already! Pick a system that people will seek you out for, either for its unique color, shape, size, notification style. If you pick a system that will keep bringing yours (and others) attention to the task you need to be focused on, you will be more successful on staying focused and being productive.

Storage solutions for the Socialite

This personality must make you and others feel comfy cozy. Having storage that is soft to the touch, and that have warm, inviting colors are essential to ensure the solution is one that you will like.

Having a rustic looking organizer rack near your front door makes a functional, but comfortable organizing solution.

Soft sided storage bins are a great way to introduce soft storage into a space, while keeping a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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