Emergency Plan for a Bad Day at the Office

By Amanda Gentry

You alarm didn’t go off for some reason. You burn your toast and spill your coffee as you are trying to rush out the door. The car handle falls off in your hand.

Does any of that sound familiar? I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me! One day, as I was staring at the freshly broken handle in my coffee stained hand, I made the decision to NEVER let this series of unfortunate events happen again.

From that day on, I made sure my office day apocalypse tool kit was prepped and ready for whatever life had to throw at me. These few essential items have made the difference between an internal meltdown and a confident shrug of the shoulders as you casually fix or are prepared for some seriously random stuff.

  1. Extra phone charger

Having an extra phone charger in your bag is pretty much a non-negotiable item. For only a few dollars, you can have an item in your bag that can save you hours of unnecessary stress and frustration. I recommend having both a car and wall adapter. In most of the cases that my phone was not properly charged, I needed to meet someone at some place that I had never been to before (and I was usually running 15 minutes late, which is just a little too late for them to wait around!!!). If you were to pick one item for your office day apocalypse kit, this would be it!

 These few essential items have made the difference between an internal meltdown and a confident shrug of the shoulders as you casually fix or are prepared for some seriously random stuff.

2. Fix and stitch kit

Having a kit that is designed to fix up or stitch together clothing is essential in a professional setting where your appearance can play a big factor. It is inevitable that you will spill food/drink/ink/glue/something on your clothes at the exact wrong moment. Having Tide pens in your kit can make the difference between a distracting shirtfront stain and a good first impression. It only takes a few minutes to work the stain out and let it dry before you are good to go.

Likewise, having something to stitch clothing together can be a priceless tool. Catch a snag, bend over too far, even an accidental fall in the parking lot can be physically harmless, but your clothes often take the brunt of the damage. A quick stitch in the bathroom can turn a fashion faux paus into a nonissue.

You should have something to do a quick fix for you too! A small first aid kit prepared with Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, aspirin and Excedrin can be the saving grace during your day. If you aren’t feeling well, or get a major paper cut at work, this kit could be the difference between a potentially endless search and a quick and stress-free fix.

  1. Emergency food and drink supply

Some mornings it feels like the minutes sift through your hand like sand and you are left making the decision to leave for work without eating, or risk being late. If you have an emergency granola bar, dried fruit and refreshing flavored water stash in your work bag, you can focus on getting to work safely on-time knowing you will have something to snack on until lunch.

4. Multi-tool

You will need to use this. Period. Loose screw in your chair. File cabinet jam. Open a bottle at the end of a long, hard day. A multi-tool is worth its weight in gold if you want to make it through a day in the world of moving parts. I like a multi-tool that has a screwdriver, flat head, nail file, scissors, knife and pliers. Even if it’s something like a broken fingernail, a multi-tool can make quick work or a potentially bigger problem!

I keep all of these tools in my work bag at all times. When I get home, I keep the bag in the same place, so each morning when I head out, I know it is there are ready for action at a moments notice. As a double bonus, since it is in my work bag, I also never forget my work stuff! Gone are the days when my all important financial report is left on the kitchen table on the day of my presentation! Not only do I have all the information for a great presentation, I can also fix the broken projector screen mechanism and look good doing it!

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