These 5 things will make you 10x more productive at work

By Amanda Gentry

The following tips and tricks can be used to increase productivity, reduce stress, free up valuable time, and make you look like a rock star at work!

  1. Start the day off with a short to-do list

A day in the office can sometimes be chaotic, stressful and hard to manage. On days like this, it is often hard to organize your thoughts, and your work takes a big hit and you are less productive. The biggest reason is that when you are stressed, and multiple things are flying at you, it is hard to remember everything you need to accomplish in a day.

When you get into work (or even the night before as you think of things you did not complete), write down a short list of manageable tasks you can use to help keep you focused. This list is effective in a couple of ways. 1. You no longer need to dedicate brainspace for storage and computing to remember those tasks. 2. As you progress through the day and mark off each task, you can immediately see what you have accomplished (instant gratification!!!).

Freeing up space in your head, and getting a reward for doing so, helps you be less stressed, more focused and happier overall!

If you want to increase your productivity at work, you need to fuel your body!

  1. Carry around a notepad and sticky notes wherever you go

One of the biggest skills a person can have in a professional setting is the simple yet critical ability to follow through with tasks (even if it is as simple as forwarding that email your co-worker or boss requested). However, because some of these tasks can be very simple, people often assume they will remember to do it, then go on about their day and forget all about it. Some people can accomplish these simple tasks, but often their mind is focused on remembering not to forget, so their work suffers as their brainspace is used in an inefficient way.

If you have a notepad and sticky notes with you, you can quickly jot down the task (along with any other tasks or important tid bits of information you might run across), and when you get back to your desk have a clear idea of what you have to follow up on.

  1. Eat lunch

If you want to increase your productivity at work, you need to fuel your body! If you often forget your lunch and don’t have time to go out, or you lose track of time and skip lunch altogether, or you simply don’t eat because you are trying to lose weight, you must stop!

Your brain consumes 20% of the food you consume!!!

Having a healthy lunch, or at least making sure you have some healthy snack alternatives will go a long way in helping you keep your physical and mental energy up. Add this to the additional brainspace you have freed up in your mind and your productivity will shoot through the roof!

  1. Clean up before you go home

At the end of the day, one of the most important (and effective) things you can do before you leave the office is spend a few minutes cleaning up. Put important files in their proper place, throw away and completed lists/sticky notes, place unfinished tasks in a noticeable spot so you will see it first thing in the morning.

This task not only helps you gather your thoughts for the day, but it is another way to check if there is an important task you might have forgotten to do that day (or that accidentally got shuffled in with the wring papers), and to make sure you are prepared for the next day. This way you don’t have to spend part of the evening worried you forgot something important (and therefore take up more of your precious brainspace that should now be used to enjoy your personal life).

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