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Adults who stated their stress increased over the past year, 79% of whom reported feeling disorganized at work.*
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Profit lost each year by the average $50,000 per year professional due to searching for misplace or lost information.*
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Professionals who said they would be more effective, efficient & feel happier if their workspace was better organized.*

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Proven solutions for organizing your time, space and work flows, so you can enjoy less stress and create a more balanced life focused on your own priorities.

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What Do You Have to Gain?


You will see …

  • Being organized truly changes a person’s life, and can be a fun, creative, and rewarding journey.

  • Your personality, taste, and work styles, have an affect on the success of your organized spaces and processes – so considering these things at the get-go makes all the difference.


We’ll help you …

  • Recognize, appreciate, and build upon your existing strengths.

  • Create new strengths with proven resources and learning opportunities.

  • Habitualize daily disciplines so your mental bandwidth can be used to empower your purposeful living.


We believe …

  • Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual priorities and actions lead toward a balanced life.

  • The “Do All/Be All/Have All Now” approach is truly not attainable, and chasing it harms us – but it is absolutely possible to fully enjoy our beautiful lives in this modern, fast-paced world.

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Marianne Bischoff


I enjoy creating with online tools, diving deep into a good book, and swirling peanut butter in my chocolate chip ice cream. 

Amanda Gentry


I love the adventure and excitement of mountain biking, a good DIY project, and breathing and teaching geology.

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